Friday, August 15, 2008

grasping. 3rd Installment


I write better in the dark;
my pen unrestrained
by staunch lines and perfect spacing;
Much like how I live my life;
Swirling and twirling in the depths
of the unknown,
Comforted by the silky
obsidian reflections,
nurtured by the deep flesh
of the void fruit;
Many a day have I wasted
productive in the sunlight,
when all my hearts desires
are of the warmth of night's cloak.

grasping. 2nd installment

"Finger Hourglass"

Try to find the words
to say my minds perception,
but how can one without a rhyme
succeed in defining perfection?


Why am I so afraid
of your offers packaged in
that devilish twinkle of your eye
and turned corners of an impish grin?


You were my wish, granted.
True, I cried for your arrival;
so why now is it Fairy Tale,
I find my biggest rival?

grasping. 1st installment.

"At the start of Forever"

close my eyes but for a moment;
the shadow of your face,
and the only thing i can see
is the scent of your grace;
filling my soul
with the electric fluttering
of a thousand
butterfly kisses, plus one;

jump feet first into the melted
chocolate abyss of your eyes,
sink to the bottom
swirling in the sweet silkiness;
shoot to the surface,
at the insistence of gravity;
pass carelessly through
the knots of the dreamcatcher, laughing;

dance like an Imp on the furrows
of your swollen plum lip,
sugar cane tracings
twirling up tiny candy threads;
tickle my soul
with the caress of your strength,
love of a life;
a dream from which I dare not wake.