Monday, March 23, 2009

pissed for the fall (13 mar 09)

Make it stop. Just go. All the memories; all the fantasies; Go Away. Pain, Pain Go Away. Go Fuck Yourself and bleed to death, I am sick of you haunting me. I want to be whole and you can't stay here with me so why don't you go torture someone else. Leave me be! Pain, pain -- go fucking drown. I don't care when, just get there now. Fuck this life and all the ones who tried for all these years to keep me down! I hate you all for what you've done. You're bags o' shit, watch you run like chocolate milk when the rain pours down. You can't help me cuz you called in the rain. Kiss my ass stupid fucked up brain of mine. I wish you'd atrophy, oh wait, then I'd die... Eh fuck it. I'm ok with that, I guess. Better than dealing with all this mess. Fuck you world, you don't own me! (I wish that were true...oh damn, Fuck Me)

breaking down (12 mar 09)

Anything. Nothing. Something. Everything.
Dehydration eroding any meager
assemblance of life thriving.

exhaustion. fall past your knees,
straight to the feet. assemble a grand
mass at the base of thine eyes.

helter skelter bo belter, and
all the pretty horses,
pack a ring of roses,
then all calm down.