Friday, August 15, 2008

grasping. 1st installment.

"At the start of Forever"

close my eyes but for a moment;
the shadow of your face,
and the only thing i can see
is the scent of your grace;
filling my soul
with the electric fluttering
of a thousand
butterfly kisses, plus one;

jump feet first into the melted
chocolate abyss of your eyes,
sink to the bottom
swirling in the sweet silkiness;
shoot to the surface,
at the insistence of gravity;
pass carelessly through
the knots of the dreamcatcher, laughing;

dance like an Imp on the furrows
of your swollen plum lip,
sugar cane tracings
twirling up tiny candy threads;
tickle my soul
with the caress of your strength,
love of a life;
a dream from which I dare not wake.

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