Friday, February 10, 2012

Ambivalence. (Sept 2011)

Out of the depths of my seas growing tiny trees with knobby knees, and if you please, don't sneeze in my breeze; I don't want to be coated in your head cheese; for when you get too close the waves pull you in and over again & over you will spin, like the head of a stick on a drum as it calls out a roll, not like the hay drying in the sun, the evil Beehimer rolls out having fun in wide open spaces while you're stuck in your chair staring at the same dull faces.


Honestly_Alive said...

I like this one! Even though I'm not completely sure of the meaning of the entire poem in whole, I love the individual lines, especially the last one and how it relates to the title.

=^..^= said...

Thanks :) It's a spoken word piece, meant to be recitated at a quick pace.

It's basically an account of a daydream & getting pulled into the rabbit hole only to be awakened to the realization that the fantasy lives on while you're chained to your reality.