Monday, June 4, 2007

TC On...the purpose of another blog...

I have blogs all over this world-wide-whackjob...and none of them are comprehensive. This one is going to house my crappy poetry, musings, and other various writings & maybe some art work, should I get the opportunity to scan stuff in. I have been hesitant to share my work on the internet because I know how easy it is to steal something, especially something that's not well-known or previously published. I'm not saying my stuff is even good enough to want to steal, but it's still mine and therefore, I'm cautious. This is my heart, my life and my soul, poured out on the sidewalk for you to walk on, stare at and critique.

Speaking of critique: As an artist, and yes I do consider myself an artist in life, I am willing to receive and accepting of criticism. However, if you just get up here and say, "This sucks." I'm going to ignore it, because "this sucks" doesn't help me grow it into something better. Inversely, don't tell me "this is awesome", etc if it isn't, because that doesn't help either.

My name is Hekaterina Ricci, and this is my soul, for your entertainment.

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