Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yeah...that's me literally SCREECHING.

I just found out that by 2014 I am going to be PENALIZED for not having insurance.

My EMPLOYER is exempt from offering me insurance, b/c I am one of 2 employees.

Because I am single, even though my income is lightly moderate, I am outside the 'safe range' of the FPL.

My annual PENALTY for NOT RACKING UP MEDICAL BILLS or using the medical system will be approx $695-750. *side note: I have NEVER had insurance & I have NEVER spent that much in one year for health care bills.*

& that's just ONE part of this wonderful BILL that is going to FUCK ME OVER. But you know who it helps? The ghetto. The low-incomers. The people we are ALREADY working our asses off to support.

I'm so SICK TO DEATH of this NEW USA & it's fucking CHANGE.
I'm SICK of fucking OBAMA & the CHANGE TROOPS.

I thought Bush was horrid. I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. I was wrong. Shoulda left the continent back then when I had age & naiivity on my side. I'd drink myself to sleep except I can't afford to risk liver damage in my late years. FUUUUUUUUUCK.

p.s. no offense to any of my friends who support our President. I don't specifically have issue with HIM, just his policies. Most of all, I guess I'm just frustrated that this whole thing is getting rushed into place just b/c he promised it. I mean, really...Health Care Reform has been desperately needed for a long while now, but rushing to push it out JUST BC he promised it is NOT a good enough reason to get it done in this way. There are SO many BIGGER issues that are being ignored. I don't even think I was this frustrated with G.Dub. And he was a Class-1 Grade A Dumbshit.

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